The Krapaj Csárda await its dear guests with the selection of more than 200 specialties including international and Hungarian meal specialties, reform foods, salads as a main meal and the colourful variety of soups.

Novelty is the “Weekly offer” which consists of our specialties and is changed every 1-2 weeks. Our guests can freely choose from our meals with or without meat.

Those who love meat can find traditional and special, Hungarian and international meals made from beef, lamb, fish and poultry (duck, goose, chicken and turkey).

In this are, the dear guest can find the largest turkey dish selection here!

We undertake the organization of events and weddings on demand with live music and in the summer we offer a pleasurable terrace, green environment and a guarded parking lot.

Open every day of the week until 12-22

Closing Day: January 1, December 24 and 31.

Magyar Angol

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